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1) The Cosmic Conflict: The “Real” Mother of all Wars (Brad Cole)


2) What is Sin? (Timothy R. Jennings)


3) Why Do We Suffer? (Dorothee Cole)


4) Freedom – What’s Love God to do with it? (Tom Ewall)


5) What the Early Christians Believed (Sigve Tonstad)


6) Why is the Story of the Cosmic Conflict Important? (Mark Merizan)


7) Would You Like to Meet the Old Testament God? (Alden Thompson)


8) Inspiration (Brad Cole)


9) The Great Spectrum of Law (Virginia Davidson)


10) The Law – Love in Living Color (Virginia Davidson)


11) Do You Fear God’s Justice? (Brad Cole)


12) Spiritual Astigmatism (Scott Bennett)


13) The Life of Christ (Marco Belmonte)


14) Parting Words (Larry Ashcraft)


15) The Cross: Virus Protection for the Mind (Manuel Silva)


16) At-one-ment (Dorothee Cole)


17) Roots of Legal Metaphors for Atonement and Salvation (Jean Sheldon)


18) Freedom in the Truth (Loren Smith)


19) Without the Resurrection of Jesus, All Is Lost (Kenneth D. Peterson)


20) The Intercession of Jesus (Cherilyn Clough)


21) Difficult New Testament Passages (Sue Lewis)


22) A Second Look at the Second Coming (Dorothee Cole)


23) Good News in the Judgment (Loren A. Smith)


24) Intrinsic or Imposed? Thoughts on the Fire of God (Herb Montgomery)


25) The Wrath of the Lamb (Brad Cole)


26) A Different Kind of Kingdom (Gregory A. Boyd)


27) Prayer is Friendship with God (Cherilyn Clough)


28) Community 101 (Mark Merizan)


29) Living In, and Looking Like, Christ (Gregory A. Boyd)




Narrator Jim Weiss’ Thoughts


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