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We’re a collected mosaic of ordinary people–if anyone can be truly said to be ordinary. As a group, we’re flung to the four corners of the United States. A few of us knew each other prior to meeting again on the Internet. Some joined our group through mutual friends, and some were just recognized as kindred spirits in social media groups.

We tend to middle age…and maybe a little bit older. To be more accurate, we’re all in the middle between birth and death! We are men and women, about a dozen in all, representing a range of curiosities. There are those who write poetry and prose and scribble about theology, who formally study theology, who design stained glass and build houses, and who love their high school students or pastorate. Engineering, bird watching, photography, old cars, civil service, gold prospecting, graphic design, snowboards, jet skis, and wake boards are interests represented. Add physics and astronomy and geology, homemaking, sky diving and SCUBA, ceramic art, coin collections, psychology and industry, and grand kids, college kids, and little kids and pets–a broad spectrum of interests.

Of course, there’s a lot of overlap–our personalities identified by not only diverse occupations, but also hobbies. Most of us were raised in church, some of us wandered for a while, and many of us are actively involved in our local congregations in one capacity or several. What we share is our common adoration of God. We hunger to know Him as He really is and to share the relationship with others who also want to know God.

What drives us is this: From our reading of the Bible, we understand that there is a struggle between Good and Evil, between God and Satan. As an extension of this great controversy, Satan has become our enemy, too. He is the one who has made up lies about our Father-God in order to confuse us and turn us against Him. The Enemy’s most effective strategy has been to mix error with truth. Thus, he has deceived angels and thus he deceives humans. How to unmask his fraud? Anybody can make declarations, claims, but that doesn’t make them true. And power isn’t the issue, either. Might it be that the truth about who God is and how His government works is the only tool that will do this job?

But often through the centuries, God’s ambassadors have let Him down. Many, even of those who claimed to know Him and represent Him, went ’way wide the mark, for various reasons. Could this be why there has been so much animosity toward Him? Could misunderstanding be the reason for fear? Might it be possible that what critics and runaways both are reacting to is only a caricature at best and a lie at worst, and not the real thing? How would people respond if they really knew God and how He works? Could this be a big part of why Jesus came–to show us that truth?

We don’t claim to have all the answers or know all the truth, but we’re on a journey to understand all we can. So far, it has only gotten better and better! So, come and think about these matters with us. Share your insights with your social groups. Most of all, join us in our aim to spread the Great News About God: The Father is just like Jesus!

If you wish, you may contact us at: talk@gnag.org