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God is not the way his enemies have made him out to be. He is exactly as Jesus showed him to be.

  ...Dr. Kellogg was only one of many proponents of eugenics in this country. Other Americans, including Leon Whitney and Madison Grant, wrote books on the subject, which were eagerly read in 1924 by Corporal Adolph Hitler in a German prison. He was profoundly moved. The idea of eugenics solved his problem, he said. He wrote grateful fan mail to Grant and Whitney, stating that Grant’s The Passing of the Great Race was his “Bible.” continued
Great News About God
T he complete destruction caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan had many asking, "Where was God in the Philippines?"* The devastation caused by hurricane Sandy*, as well as that of Katrina* in August of '05, prompted some to view the storms as having been sent by God. The earthquake in Haiti had Pat Robertson suggesting that God was behind this event.*
    Some feel that God is angry and is punishing humanity through these events. Others recoil from that concept, believing that blaming God runs counter to everything God stands for.*

  More than anything else, God wants us to know that we are loved unconditionally. And God wants us to live in the freedom, joy, and generosity of that love. The most important thing I've learned is that God's love is unlimited and unconditional. We are loved right here, right now, just the way we are. continued

  War in heaven? A celestial civil War? Revelation chapter 12 informs the reader that God’s champion, Michael, with his angels fought against a Dragon and his angels. Talk about the supreme cosmic showdown! Why delay until the final few pages to introduce a major element into a book’s framework?
  But wait, isn’t heaven supposed to be a place of eternal bliss and the epitome of peace and tranquility? What could possibly be the cause of such a cosmic conflict? What could have provoked the shattering of celestial calm?  continued

Everything that is really great and inspiring
is created by the individual who can
labor in freedom.

Albert Einstein
  God wants what? Where on earth would we get the idea that God might want to be our friend? Well, first and foremost, that is what Jesus said he wants. "I call you no longer my servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing. Rather, I call you my friends..." (John 15:15) God wants my FRIENDSHIP? It's pretty stunning, isn't it? Maybe even too good to be true! When we think of sitting in front of the fireplace with a glass and a good friend God isn't the first one that comes to mind, is he? And certainly we, small creatures that we are, could not demand such a thing of the creator of the universe. Nor do I suppose we would ever think to do so. God is too big, God is too powerful, God is too just, holy, so completely "other" that he doesn't strike one as being "my type, exactly." continued

  Is God a cruel tyrant? The scriptural record might seem to confirm this indictment. The Bible records that God kicked a third of his angels out of heaven for questioning his leadership. The biblical record is widely believed to teach that God demands perfect obedience of his subjects on pain of death. And there is the not so vague indication that God arranged to have his only son murdered on trumped up charges. continued

Relativistic theology?

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